About Us...

Blues, Rock, Folk, Alternative....Punk (Ok, maybe we don't do Punk), but we play a bit of everything else. Jeff, Jim, John & Richard have all performed with different groups over the years. Based in Vancouver, BC, Canada they are coming together to perform the music they love....Blues & Rock!!! 

Whatever we play, we're having fun doing it....why else would we do it.

Whatever your event, whatever your venue, whatever your taste in music....WHATEVER!!!!   4oh4 can do it.

Jeff Jackson: lead vocalist, rhythm guitar

Jeff Jackson's musical career has taken him far & wide. A somewhat recent addition to the Canadian music scene, Jeff originally plied his musical talent back in England, as a bass player, but soon moved on to 'front man' status with many critically aclaimed British acts, where he criss-crossed the Continent to an adoring fan base.

His move to North America has spurred on many new projects, including guest performances with numerous 'famous' island bands.

Not content with living at high altitudes, Jeff now inspires to rise even further with his latest collaborative effort...4oh4.

(Disclaimer: The biography was created to fill this spot until a real bio appears; apparently the pic shown is really not Jeff, we don't know who this person is, it came with that new picture frame we bought)

Richard Wilson: lead guitar, vocals

Richard Wilson is a very mysterious person indeed. Originally from the far east, born into a family of a Canadian diplomat who travelled far & wide. Rich (or 'Reek' as his Indian friends called him) first learned to play the sitar from a very famous Yogi (hint: Fab 4). He soon progressed to a more western instrument, the guitar. Richard performed with many groups throughout the New Delhi region where he amassed a huge following who called him the 'Bollywood God of Soul'. Eventually  migrating back to Canada.

Soon after arriving back in Vancouver, he embarked on many a tour with various musical projects gaining a well earned respect among his peers. Finally 4oh4 appeared on the scene, where Rich (or Hey You!!! as the band affectionally calls him) now occupies the 'lead guitar' spot in the band.

(Disclaimer: This biography was created to fill this spot until a real bio appears; in this pic you may notice Rich intently looking at the frets, actually he is looking at the coloured dots on the back of the neck that show him where to place his fingers)

John Saunders: bass guitar, vocals

John Saunders, not to be left out is also very mysterious too!!! His genesis is unknown but the fact that he was dropped on his head at a very early age explains everything. John too learned from a Yogi (Yogi Bear we think) to play the bitar, similar to a sitar but only one string. He performed all over Canada & the US with punk band "Wrong Notes", they didn't play really fast music like punkers....they were just a bunch of punks.

Eventually he switched to the bass guitar (with 4 strings) and acclaimed by many as the next Jack Bruce (Cream) in our midst. Finally 4oh4 appeared on the scene, where John (or Key of A !!! as the band affectionally calls him) now occupies the 'bass guitar' spot in the band.

(Disclaimer: The biography was created to fill this spot until a real bio appears; a fact not known by his many fans, John uses 'crib notes' written on the back of his bass guitar to keep him apprised of exactly what key the band is playing; another unknown fact, John is currently in the witness protection program, assuming the role as a bass player....OOOOPS!!! did I say that out loud?)

James Brown: drums, vocals

Jim started drums at the early age of 5, when his father also a musician foresaw the need for a future drummer in his own band. That vision turned out to be true, performing with that band at the tender age of 12. Music was always a big force in his life.

After playing with many groups thoughout the Vancouver region, a new collaboration with 4oh4 came along to energize JB's realisation of greater things to come.

(Disclaimer: This actually is a real bio submitted by Jim, kind of sad really, maybe we should make something up for him; unknown fact about JB is his missed opportunity to make it big in the music industry back in the 70's. It had nothing to with raising a family, working a day job, chained to a desk...no nothing like that. He just....missed it)

Clarence T. Muggles: backup drummer, soundguy